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The Wayne County Fair Grounds is owned and operated by the Wayne County
Fair Association, Inc.  The Wayne County Fair Association is a Non-Profit
volunteer organization administered by a
15- member board of civic minded
individuals who receive no compensation whatsoever for serving on the Board.  
Wayne County Fair Association
7- 2018 Board of Directors:



Terms expire November 1, 2020
Melissa Barnett
Tom Busenbark
Lisa Preuss
Paul Robakiewicz
Sherill Schalte

Terms expire November 1, 2019
Kim Foster
Paula Mullins
Millie Pirlot
Marlene Bacon

Deborah Schalte

Terms expire November 1, 2018
Dru Allen
Brandy Busenbark
Frank Rochowiak
Rod Schalte
Mary Zellner
The Wayne County Fair Association is forever devoted to the
enrichment of the youth and adults of Wayne County.  The
Wayne County Fair Association must generate funds to pay for
operating expenses including the annual County Fair.  
Tax-deductible donations, rentals, and the hard work of
volunteers generate all funds.  The directors and staff of the Fair
are here to serve you and with your help, to make the Fair the
very best it can be.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wayne County
Fair Association, please complete our
membership form.
Vice President:  
Tom Busenbark   
Rod Schalte
Debbie Schalte
Mary Zellner