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Wayne County Fair Royalty
What is it?
The Wayne County Fair Royalty Contest is a chance for outstanding youth involved in
fair to get recognition for their efforts and achievements.

Who is eligible?
Any fair youth member between the ages of 5-19 years, as of January 1st, 2015.

How do I enter?
Simply fill out and submit the Entry Form by July 17, 2016, including any necessary
attachments.  You will be notified of your interview date, time and place.

What are the responsibilities of the Fair Royalty?
The Wayne County Fair Royalty are required to attend the Fair Board Awards
Ceremony and help pass out the awards.  You may also enjoy county exchanges with
neighboring county youth representatives.  Other duties at the fair may include a few
hours of watching buildings (older youth) and making an appearance at the Livestock
Auction to help pass out trophies and ribbons.  Royalty should also be available for
awards of Saturday for Livestock and Horse/Pony.  Pictures taken as needed.

New Royalty needs to understand that the commitment is for one year.

Need more information?         Please call:     Jill Brumley 586-612-1004   

                                                    Wayne County Fair Royalty:

   Queen        15 years & Older                                                King   15 years & older
   Princess    11-14 years old                                                  Prince   11-14 years old
   Princess     8-10 years old                                                   Prince    8-10 years old
   Princess     5-7   years old                                                   Prince   5-7   years old

Wayne County Fair Royalty Candidates should achieve:

Fair Queen/King:
•        Youth Leadership Roles
•        Teen Ambassadors
•        State Awards, County Awards
•        Washington Focus, Toronto, Congress
•        Exploration Days
•        Excellent speaking skills
•        Be able to articulate what the program can do for youth
•        Working knowledge on how large the program is

Fair Princess/Prince:
•        Exhibits at Fair and Achievement
•        Exploration Days
•        Excellent speaking skills
•        Knows the name of club and leader
•        Can name some programs that involve young members.

All candidates should present a good Wayne County Fair image, and should avoid the following:  
Tattoos, body
piercing, use of crude or slang language, wording on shirts that is in poor taste, excessive cleavage, and other
inappropriate attire including bare midriff or very short skirts or shorts.

Candidates are expected to “dress for success” when interviewing.